Office 365 Migration for Northern California Businesses

From any software to Office 365

Office 365 is a Microsoft-hosted platform service that enables you to do more with less and collaborate freely whenever and wherever you want. Coneth Solutions can help your company migrate to Office 365 easily and efficiently.

Increase your company's productivity with Office 365 collaboration technology

Do more with less

With the power of Cloud Computing, Microsoft harness its Office 365 applications in the Cloud. This allows you to get more done by accessing your files efficiently to find where you left off and finish the job. With your files stored in the cloud, you don't need to open the same device your originally created files on- just log in with your Office 365 account and your files are readily available for you. This also means less space in your hard drive and you don't have to worry about saving your files in a flash disk.

Collaborate freely whenever wherever

Office 365 made team collaboration a breeze. Although it may sound obvious, Office 365 core system for storage doesn't need a physical server, files are accessible virtually everywhere and can be opened by multiple users at the same time! All of these users can make modifications, and changes are synchronized across all the team automatically.

Coneth's Office 365 Migration services have helped organizations smoothly transit to Microsoft Office 365 from their traditional and manual software configuration. Whether its on-premise, cloud or hybrid, our engineers can help you migrate all your important files and documents swiftly.

  • Office 365 evaluation – Choose the right license and future software to meet your company requirements
  • Data Migration – We do data back ups before the migration to ensure a safe and swift transition
  • Data Privacy – Adhere to data privacy regulations in both storing and transferring information process

Our team of Office 365 migration engineers has successfully delivered migration projects for companies big and small. Also, we serve government, education and enterprise institutions.