Wireless Networking

Businesses need a secure and stable wireless connection to keep customers and employees happy and safe.

Organizations realize that taking advantage of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) setup can help them reduce costs and increase satisfaction among staff and customers. A true win-win scenario, but it requires a robust solution in order to truly deliver this promise.
wireless networking support

Coneth Solutions offers robust wireless networking solutions, support and consulting services. Our wireless network consultants know the significance of having excellent network resources as well as an experienced, active support team to ensure your wireless network completely meets your company goals. Our team of consultants and engineers are certified to install and maintain wireless networking equipment and use the latest tools in configuring, deploying and maintaining your LAN / WAN / Wireless infrastructure.

Planning and Installation
Testing and Deployment
Security Protocols and Controls
Device Monitoring
Troubleshooting and Support
Firmware updates and upgrades

With a guaranteed 1-hour response time, Coneth Solutions is the partner your organization can trust for exceptional wireless solutions and service. Contact us to learn more about wireless networking and we can help you out.