Network Support

We help your business maximize network uptime.

Network support revolves around preventive maintenance, response to issues, and helpdesk support. Our team is always available to support issues remotely or on-site based on the circumstances.

No matter how large or small your business, we can assist you in any way you require, to make sure your team gets the guidance, expertise, and connectivity they need to keep productivity high. We can deliver this for a fraction of the cost of building and supporting and internal IT department- and in a timely manner.

Our Network Support services include


The network technology world is a never-ending battle of protecting stored data and information. Our team can keep an eye on your environment to make sure that your system runs nothing but the latest software.

Back up and Disaster Plan

We have business continuity / disaster recovery measures in case unwanted events occurred such as fire, flood or theft occur, so you as the business owner can sleep tight.

Migration and Virtualization

We will make sure your important IT projects are planned, on-time and within budget. We also support virtualization technology so you'll be able to access more technology, allocate more memory and run more software.

Expert Helpdesk Support

A fleet of helpdesk engineers is always available for your organization's network problems by controlling client computers remotely. Also, we have a reliable local team that can show up on-site to manage crisis around the clock and on weekends. That way, critical issues are solved quickly.

Coneth Solutions provides network and computer support for businesses by ensuring everything is running smooth, systems are secure, and applications/hardware/software are current. Across our decades of experience, we have mastered our craft and can extend support to your organization in a comprehensive and proactive manner. Contact us today to learn more about our computer network support.